I am the winner of the Foto-kurier League 2022

There are nine stages in the Foto-kurier League organised annually by the Foto-kurier magazine. Every stage can include a maximum of two photos by one photographer. Each photo that makes it to the top 30 will be printed in the magazine and will score an appropriate number of points depending on the taken place. The person who collects the highest number of points from all stages will win the entire Foto-kurier League.

The 2022 Foto-kurier League had the following stage themes:

Stage 1 Wide Angle
Stage 2 Nature
Stage 3 Animal
Stage 4 Macro
Stage 5 Competition
Stage 6 Human
Stage 7 Bird
Stage 8 Blurred background
Stage 9 Picked up

In 2022, I won three stages and was the only one to score more than two hundred points, putting me in first place overall.

Below are all the entries from top 30.

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